Hiring mistakes to avoid during recruitment

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Posted at 25/09/2018
Hiring mistakes to avoid during recruitment
A hiring process can be extremely expensive. Finding a suitable candidate to fill a position can consume a great deal of financial and time resources, especially when you are unfamiliar with all aspects of recruiting new talent.

Here are some hiring mistakes to avoid during the recruitment process if you want to be able to hire new employees hassle-free.

Providing an overly vague description of the position to be filled

If you are not specific enough in your job description and requirements when you post a job offer, you may have a significant problem.

You could start receiving a large number of resumes from candidates who believe they have the necessary skills for the job when they are actually underqualified. This will significantly lengthen the hiring process due to the processing time of resumes received from applicants who simply do not fit the job profile.

Furthermore, if you omit details about the tasks to be performed in the job, you risk having some candidates lose interest in your job offer once they understand what awaits them once they start the job. You could therefore lose prospects during the hiring process.

Failing to contact candidates for a long period of time

If you have an interest in a candidate, show it! Since recruitment processes can sometimes take a long time, you shouldn't hesitate to contact the best applicants and let them know that you haven't forgotten them. You can also tell them when they can expect an answer. In the same vein, listen to them if they ask you questions and try to answer them honestly.

Failing to communicate with people interested in working for your company could result in them starting a new search and accepting a competing job offer.

Searching for the perfect candidate

In many cases, you may not receive an application that perfectly meets your requirements. In these cases, many recruiters will simply not hire anyone, preferring to wait for the perfect candidate. During this time, the existing team may be understaffed, which can create tensions within the company.

That's why it's sometimes better to compromise and hire someone who, even if they don't have all the required qualifications, fits well within your organizational culture. You can then offer them training so that they can fix their shortcomings.

Refusing to seek help from recruitment professionals

Although you may think you have all the knowledge required to manage a hiring process from start to finish, a recruitment professional can help steer the ship in the right direction.

Because their only mission is to help you hire, they can more effectively manage the time-consuming aspects of the recruitment process such as writing and posting the job offer, initial skills tests and screening resumes. They also have a wide contact network that they can use to find quality candidates.

In short, recruitment specialists like those at Fed Finance can help you avoid making costly and time-consuming mistakes in your hiring process. Don’t hesitate to contact us now for personalized support.