Are post-graduation job prospects lucrative for accounting students?

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Posted at 31/08/2018
Are post-graduation job prospects lucrative for accounting students?
Historically, finance jobs have always been int

Historically, finance jobs have always been intriguing. Whether due to competitive salaries or interesting working conditions, many choose a study program that will ultimately lead them to work in the financial sector.

Does graduating in a finance-related discipline guarantee that graduates will get the job they want or at least one in their area of ​​specialization?

To answer this question, here is an overview of employment prospects for graduates with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.

The labour market situation of accounting graduates

According to Emploi-Avenir Quebec, which looks at the post-graduation status of students, the labour market situation of bachelor's graduates in accounting is much better than that of all other bachelor's graduates.

An excellent placement rate

At present, students finishing their academic career have an excellent chance of landing a job that is closely related to their field of study. In fact, according to a survey by the Academic Planning and Institutional Research Department of UQAM, nearly 90% of graduates were in the labour market 5 years after the end of their program. Of these, all work full-time while 91% were able to obtain a permanent position.

According to the same study, 14% of university undergraduate degree holders in accounting occupy a management or executive position 5 years after entering the professional environment.

Very low unemployment rate

Few graduates find themselves out of work by the end of their accounting studies. With an unemployment rate of 3.3%, it is no surprise to learn that many recruitment specialists hold an accounting education in high regard.

The main sectors looking for accounting graduates

Accountants and auditors are among the most in-demand professions on the Quebec job market. The demand for skilled labor is particularly strong in international accounting, forensic accounting, environmental auditing and management accounting.

What justifies recruiters' interest in new graduates

This strong demand is considerably stimulated by the tightening of laws and regulations that companies must comply with. As legislation is constantly being amended and updated, companies have an advantage in hiring candidates who are fresh out of school and familiar with new laws.

In addition, since the program also trains students to master Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), financial sector firms often prefer to hire young people who can easily adapt to modern tools.

In conclusion

In light of this information, we can affirm that post-graduation job prospects are very good, if not excellent, for accounting graduates.

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