What are the duties of an accounts payable specialist?

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Posted at 25/05/2018
What are the duties of an accounts payable specialist?
The world of finance and accounting has many ty

The world of finance and accounting has many types of positions and jobs on offer. Whether you want to become a financial analyst, portfolio manager or accountant, this sector offers many attractive career opportunities with competitive salaries and benefits. However, it may be difficult to make the right choice among the range of possibilities that exist in this sector.

In this article, you will discover the occupation of an accounts payable specialist, its daily tasks, the required qualifications and the future prospects related to this profession.

Duties of accounts payable specialists

Accounts payable specialists play an important role in a business. In particular, they deal with all the financial documents that concern the organization.

The main tasks associated with this job

  • Calculate and issue documents related to the company's accounts manually or through a computerized system (invoices, inventory records, etc.)
  • Complete and update databases on a computer, verify all company transactions: invoices, accounts payable and receivable, payrolls, cheques, orders, etc.
  • Calculate the company's budget and the costs of overhead, expenses and quotes
  • Periodically make accounting reports
  • Respond to and maintain a good relationship with customers
  • Perform related tasks such as word processing and file creation

The qualities to possess and future prospects

The constant economic changes in our society mean that businesses must constantly stay alert and engaged. This is why accounts payable specialists are a great help to managers.

To become one, you must have completed a high school and college diploma or other course offered by the Certified General Accountants Association of Canada.

The qualities possessed by accounts payable and receivable specialists

As the labour market continuously evolves, it is now essential to possess qualities that go beyond a university degree.

As such, individuals with these qualities are preferred:

  • Good math skills: to work easily with numbers
  • Ease of working on a computer: since it is the main work tool
  • A sense of organization: for accounting data to be organized
  • Enjoy working with people: to maintain good relationships with customers and suppliers
  • Careful and discreet with attention to detail: figures and accounting in general must be accurate
  • A sense of responsibility: to ensure the proper execution of accounting operations
  • A command of French and English: to communicate with all customers

Future prospects in this sector are numerous, but it is especially rewarding to turn to SMEs. Small and medium-sized businesses are the most in need of accounts payable clerks.

Where should you look to find a job?

If when reading this information about the account payable specialist’s profession, you feel it is an interesting career opportunity for you, don’t hesitate to contact Fed Finance. Financial career specialists since 2001, our team can help you find your dream job!