Are video CVs a good idea?

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Posted at 21/04/2021
Are video CVs a good idea?
It can be tough to stand out when applying for a job, considering that most recruiters have an endless pile of CVs on their desks.

What about trying a video CV?

Video CVs are an unusual way to apply for a job, but you will certainly stand out from the competition!

In this article, find out more about video CVs and see whether they’re a good idea for you.

What is a video CV?

A traditional written CV simply enumerates your skills and professional accomplishments. A good video CV, on the other hand, contains much more than simply listing these elements on camera.

A video CV needs to capture the viewer’s attention and interest right from the get go. Therefore, you need to find a creative and original way to present the relevant information.

A video CV can also serve as your cover letter. You can take the opportunity to explain why you are the right person for the job, a topic that normally wouldn’t be covered in detail until the interview.

A video CV gives recruiters a more comprehensive picture of your application and personality.

The advantages of a video CV

How can a video CV give you a leg up in the application process? Here are a few reasons why video CVs are a good idea.

An original way to introduce yourself

It’s hard to get a sense of someone’s personality just by reading a short text. A video CV gives you more of an opportunity to express your creativity and originality.

Creating a video CV also shows recruiters that you are innovative, which is an important quality to demonstrate when applying to jobs, particularly if you want to work in finance or accounting.

Stand out from the competition

Video CVs are not yet widely used when applying to jobs, so they’re a great way to stand out to your prospective employer.

Making a video CV gives you the opportunity to show your personality and drive. It can also help you depict yourself as a leader, because you have the courage to try something different.

The disadvantages of a video CV

While video CVs have several advantages, they also come with a few disadvantages.


Creating a video, even for a simple CV, takes much longer than you think. You have to write a coherent, engaging script, think up original ideas for ways to introduce yourself, record your voice and image and put it all together.

If you have no video production experience, the work can be time-consuming.

Since it’s a good idea to customize your application for every job you apply to, you’ll have to film and edit multiple videos in order to tailor your CV for each job description.

Technical quality is important

You need high-quality equipment to create a sleek, professional-looking video CV. A video filmed on a webcam won’t have the same effect as one filmed with a professional camera.

It may be worth looking into companies or videographers who make video CVs. They will be able to film impressive, captivating images and help you create a top-notch CV.

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Creating a video CV is a good idea, as long as you have the time and resources to do it justice. Since this type of CV is still uncommon, you should only go for it if you are fully committed to making a high-quality video that will wow recruiters.

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