How can a recruitment agency prevent you from making bad hires?

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Posted at 14/03/2019
How can a recruitment agency prevent you from making bad hires?
In today's labour market, despite all the infor

In today's labour market, despite all the information that can be gathered about a candidate, companies often make hires that they later regret. In fact, adding a new employee to a work team is still risky even for experienced managers.

The costs of a bad hire are extremely high. Not only do they waste valuable time and resources, but they also ensure that the team continues to work with a limited number of staff. In short, group morale can be weakened by poor recruitment.

Fortunately, bad hiring decisions can be avoided by using a recruitment agency. Find out how these agencies are doing it.

Only connecting you with the most qualified candidates

Professional recruiters who work in agencies have the required personal and technical skills to accurately assess candidates' abilities and qualifications. They know how to identify certain red flags and also how to look beyond your requirements to find someone who perhaps lacks the years of experience you have requested but has the potential to learn quickly on the job.

Simply providing a list of your needs to the specialists at a recruitment agency will ensure that you can count on a sizeable number of pre-screened candidates. This screening is very strict, including posting job offers, reviewing resumes received, conducting interviews and testing qualifications as required.

Finding candidates that fit your corporate culture

Another main cause of nightmare hiring decisions is the inability of the new employee to integrate into the corporate culture of his or her new workplace.

Sometimes due to a lack of recruitment expertise or time constraints, a company's hiring managers will rely heavily on the candidate's CV to make their decision. However, this generally has very little to do with the candidate's social skills, personality and attitude.

Recruitment agencies, with their extensive contact network and strict interview methods, can analyze an individual's profile more accurately. This allows them to accurately predict whether or not a candidate is compatible with a certain work environment.

Reducing the time required for the hiring process

Recruiters spend a large part of their time going through resumes and meeting individuals looking for work. They have established effective candidate screening processes and will develop a list of potential hires much more quickly than if you were to do it yourself.

This kind of rapid execution can significantly reduce the time invested in a recruitment process. You can therefore avoid having to hire urgently and decide on a candidate you would not have chosen in other circumstances.

Fed Finance: an agency that protects you from bad hiring

In light of this information, you undoubtedly have a better understanding of how a recruitment agency can help you avoid making bad hires.

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