What is the best time of year to find a job in finance?

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Posted at 28/02/2019
What is the best time of year to find a job in finance?
Like many business sectors, the fina

Like many business sectors, the finance sector requires a steady stream of staff and turnover. However, it should be noted that this sector has a specific hiring cycle, and that some periods are more favourable than others for applications. In this article, we present these key hiring periods in the financial sector, which will help you to be more effective in your efforts.

Your best chance of finding a job in finance is between February and May

The finance sector recruitment process in January is quite slow, since companies are still in the process of finalizing their accounting year and preparing their annual accounts. Companies will therefore focus on applications and recruitment from February to May. This gives them an idea of the means available for human resources, since new budgets have been allocated and established. You can also put all the odds in your favour by choosing the right recruiter.

Applying for finance in the fall

The fall, and more specifically between September and November, is an interesting time for candidates in the financial sector because it coincides with the upturn in activity after the downturn of the summer season. From September onwards, companies want to hire new recruits and human resources are looking for positions before their budgets are exhausted, if they have not already been allocated.

The pre-Christmas period can be a strategic time for a job search

Sending your CV before the end of December is also a great time to apply in the financial sector. It has been shown that this time of year is when the lowest number of jobs are offered in finance given the peak activity at this time, but that it is also the rate of application per job offered is the lowest. Statistically speaking, you will have a better chance of finding a job.

Summer, a quiet period for the financial sector

Summer is a slow recruitment period due to staff leave and recruiters no longer actively searching. Companies can take advantage of this downtime to start thinking about organizing recruitment for the new school year and analyzing market trends. So take advantage of the summer to review your application and prepare yourself properly for the hiring season.

Each company has its key periods

Don't exhaust yourself in your efforts, know which jobs are most in demand in the financial sector and you can concentrate your energy and be more efficient. Also know when the position you want is being sought, depending on the company's activity. For example, the auditing profession is in high demand all year round: when companies need to carry out an audit or financial control, they rely on specialized companies. The audit sector is therefore very active, which can lead to a constant search for staff. If you are a chartered accountant, you should also know that April is a good month for recruitment.

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