Discover the financial analyst profession

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Posted at 24/04/2018
Discover the financial analyst profession
The financial services industry offers many exc

The financial services industry offers many exciting career opportunities, often with attractive salaries and benefits. But in such an ocean of opportunity, how do you make the right choice and move towards the ideal job?

To help you in this task, here is a brief description of a booming profession: the financial analyst.

Many industries are looking for financial analysts

Financial analysts are financial market experts who evaluate investment options and present reports used by a company's senior management to make informed investment decisions. They may work for banks, insurance companies, mutual fund and pension fund brokers, investment brokers and financial companies that provide consulting, auditing or research services. In short, candidates that want to apply for this position have a wealth of opportunities.

Financial analysts must keep up with financial market fluctuations

Financial analysts track market fluctuations and industry trends to evaluate investment performance and analyze the data collected to predict future performance. This is done by examining public records and deposits and by analyzing companies' financial statements to determine their earnings, liquidity, earnings potential and financial strength. Staying up to date on market trends also means spending a lot of time reading industry and company profiles, as well as keeping up to date on financial news.

Financial analysts provide the link between investors and companies

Some recruiters look for financial analysts who go directly to the source and interview a company’s management to get a clearer picture of their internal operations and financial situation. Indeed, many companies are eager to obtain new capital and often have investor relations professionals who work closely with financial analysts. Most of the time, this is done in a very transparent manner because the existing laws require that when a company discloses important information to an outside party, these must then be made public.

Predicting the future: one of the functions of a financial analyst

Financial analysts also practice financial modeling, which uses mathematical equations to predict future performance based on past experience, taking into account variables such as inflation. Most models are created using software developed for this purpose. Some job offers therefore mention that the candidate must master various computer tools.

Find a financial analyst position

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