Financial Management Officer Job Description

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Posted at 18/09/2022
Financial Management Officer Job Description
Are you interested in becoming a Financial Management Officer and want to know more about this profession? Do you want to know the training paths, average salary and required qualifications for this role?

In this article, our finance recruitment specialists explain everything you need to know about this job. We will describe what exactly a Financial Management Officer is, their daily tasks, average salary and training routes.

What is a Financial Management Officer?

The Financial Management Officer is one of the most important positions in the public sector, both at the federal and provincial levels. Their role is primarily to ensure the proper management of all financial resources. This involves upstream control and the effective and sustainable allocation of resources.

This position is particularly strategic since they are responsible for creating job openings as the public economy grows.

What does a Financial Management Officer do?

Financial Management Officers actively participate in the proper distribution of public economic wealth and the financing of services to all Quebecers. To succeed in this role, they must complete finance numerous tasks on a daily basis such as:

  • Preparation of public accounts
  • Follow-up, preparation, and consolidation of financial statements
  • Elaboration of budgetary rules,
  • Financial projections
  • Planning and monitoring of the accounts of public departments and agencies
  • Audits and checks of accounting and financial operations
  • Advice to clients on public accounting
  • Supervision of government-owned companies
  • Investigation of various financial operations
  • Management of the State's capital on the financial markets
  • Recommendation, negotiation, and conclusion of financial transactions on behalf of the State

Financial Management Officer salary

There are salary scales specific to each civil service that determine the pay rate of a Financial Management Officer. Their salary is calculated by their position, level of responsibility and seniority.

The minimum salary is approximately $48,000 CAD per year, while the maximum is approximately $90,000 CAD. It is therefore important to showcase your experience in order to enhance your background and negotiate your salary upon hiring.

What training is needed to be a Financial Management Officer?

To work as a Financial Management Officer, a degree in accounting or account administration is highly recommended. An undergraduate degree is a minimum requirement to apply for a job. Being a Chartered Professional Accountant is an asset when applying for a Financial Management Officer role.

What qualities and skills are required to be a Financial Management Officer?

To be recruited as a Financial Management Officer position in Quebec, you need to have certain qualities and skills. These include:

  • Proficiency with spreadsheet software (Excel, Google Sheets, etc.)
  • Possess a strong knowledge of accounting software
  • Have a keen interest in computers
  • Speak French and English
  • Be at good communicator
  • have good customer relations skills

Don't hesitate to include them in your CV, your cover letter and during your various job interviews!

Fed Finance can help you find a Financial Management Officer job in Quebec

Does a career as a Financial Management Officer appeal to you? If so, go ahead and submit several applications and get ready for job interviews. You may even have to complete a variety of assessments before you land a job as a Financial Management Office. Make sure to read up about the position, develop relevant skills, update your CV and apply as soon as possible.

To assist you in your search for a Financial Management Officer role, the experts at our finance and accounting recruitment agency are there to guide you.

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