How to Prepare for a Job Interview | 5 Trick Questions You Should Know

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Posted at 19/09/2017
How to Prepare for a Job Interview | 5 Trick Questions You Should Know

Whether in a specialized recruitment office or at the company's premises, a job interview is a key step that must be taken on with confidence. As such, wouldn’t you feel more secure if you could predict exactly what a potential recruiter might ask during the interview? Being adequately prepared will allow you to show up fully confident, ready to put your charm and experience to work.

Truthfully, you might already be aware of the fact that recruiters, for the most part, tend to ask fairly standard questions that they have faith in. Of course, every interview will be different and have questions geared towards more specific areas. However, by anticipating some answers, you can feel more confident when they throw you a curveball.

Here are the five most common questions in a job interview ... and how to answer them.

Question 1: Tell me about yourself

Almost all job interviews begin with an ice-breaker question to get to know you. The purpose of this strategy to not only learn more about you, but also about what you have to offer to an employer. Certainly, executives may want to know if your personality is in line with the company, but they mostly want to determine if you are well-equipped for the job.

Your response should focus on your career path, particularly your experience and interests. Essentially, everything that makes you a good candidate for the coveted position. However, reciting your entire resume is unnecessary. Instead, give a summary of your various past duties and qualities that are consistent with the desired position.

Question 2: Why are you interested in this position?

Will you be jumping for joy in this new position or are you just desperate to find a job? Even if your answer lies closest to the second choice, you won’t score any points for your honesty in this situation. Employers would rather know if you have done your homework, learning about their business and the job offer. Your answer will tell a great deal about your real interest and your preparation.

Question 3: What are your greatest strengths?

This question may seem easy. But proceed with caution. Read the job description carefully and try to identify the essential skills. This way, you will be able to list relevant qualities, making you an ideal candidate for the job. Another tip is to use concrete examples of situations that are evidence of the strengths you possess. Be sure to prepare your anecdotes.

Question 4: What are your greatest weaknesses?

At this point, you need to be mindful about saying too much or you might discourage the employer. On the other hand, if you say you are invincible, you may be viewed as a self-obsessed liar.

Think of a genuine weakness that will not make you any less attractive to recruiters. Explain how you realized that you had this personality trait and how you are motivated to improve it. This attitude will demonstrate that you are willing to learn and dedicated to becoming a better human being. A bit of humor and self-deprecation can be good, but be careful not to discredit your application.

Question 5: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hoping to climb the ladder is a normal thing. Most employers know that ambitious workers are always looking for opportunities. You don’t have to pretend that you will still be in the same position five years down the line. Go with the truth, talk about your dream job, especially if that position exists in the business. Express your passions and interests, so as to demonstrate that you are motivated and looking for professional growth.

Of course, these questions will almost certainly not be the only ones asked during your job interview. Still, by anticipating them, you will be able to reduce your stress level and demonstrate that you came prepared. Seeing as you could be the ideal candidate and get the job, don’t hesitate to ask questions during your interview. You will have a much better idea of ​​the conditions and the workload that the position entails.


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