How to become a financial analyst

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Posted at 15/09/2020
How to become a financial analyst
Would you like to pursue a career as a financial analyst? Do you know how to take on this career In this article, learn more about being a financial analyst and the skills and qualifications required for this profession.

Main tasks and responsibilities of a financial analyst

The main responsibility of a financial analyst is to evaluate a company’s financial situation and come up with strategic solutions to meet financial goals. Financial analysts will often communicate directly with financial and general directors of the company they are working for.

Financial analysts can work in almost any business line, from marketing to HR.

In order to perform their duties properly, the daily tasks of financial analysts could include:

·      Gathering useful information as a basis for analysis

·      Processing, analyzing and organizing various information and incorporating it into business models

·      Producing financial statements and writing recommendations based on analysis results

Skills and qualifications to become a financial analyst

The most common skills and qualifications in financial analyst job offers are:

·      Excellent methodology

·      Discipline

·      Thorough knowledge in various social and economic areas

·      Excellent judgment

·      Communication skills to effectively advise clients

·      Proficiency with software

Required training and education

Financial analyst candidates must have an undergraduate degree in accounting, finance, business administration or any other related field.

A Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) title will also often be required by employers.

To further increase your chances of getting a job as a financial analyst, you can also become a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) charterholder. This title is an important recognition in Canada and internationally, which would help you stand out to recruiters.

Future prospects and average salary

Future prospects of finance and accounting candidates are excellent and they are even better for financial analysts, who are in demand in a wide variety of fields.

According to Emploi Québec, the average salary of financial analysts was estimated at $33/hour between 2017 and 2019.

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In conclusion, education in finance or accounting is necessary to become a financial analyst. Having the skills and qualifications most sought after by employers is also an asset for aspiring financial analysts.

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