How to find a job in the finance sector with no experience

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Posted at 11/12/2019
How to find a job in the finance sector with no experience
Finding a job in a specific sector can be challenging when you have no relevant work experience to showcase in your resume. Many individuals who are new to the labour market or in the process of retraining have difficulty entering a field they have never worked in before. 

Are you interested in finding a job without experience in the financial sector? This article shares some tips you can adopt in these situations.

Find a job with no experience by sending your application to an employment agency

One of the first things to do when you are wondering how to find a job without experience is find an employment agency.

When you share your career plans with a recruiter, you get maximum access to the job market, professional advice based on your needs and detailed follow-up with experienced consultants. This means that even if you do not have any expertise in the field of finance, you can send them your application to find the position that best suits your profile.

Highlight your educational background

Next, promoting your educational background is always beneficial when you want to find a job without experience. When a recruiter or employer lacks enough experience to build on, they will usually focus on your educational journey and experiences.

Therefore, you should add your diplomas, qualifications, certifications, internships and any other relevant training to your CV.

Promote your skills that are related to the finance sector

Another approach to finding a job in finance without experience is to highlight your skills in the field. When you submit your CV or do an interview, you can talk about your qualities, abilities and various knowledge that would be beneficial in your future job.

Even if you have not worked in the finance industry, there is certainly student work, or even volunteer work, that has familiarized you with some of the processes used in finance. Let the employer judge for themselves whether your personal experience has given you some of the skills needed.

Visit career fairs that involve finance companies

You may also want to visit different job fairs. When looking for work where employers and recruiters are looking for candidates, you might well be asked to be interviewed on the spot.

With a simple online search, you can find information fairs in your region and sometimes in the field of your choice.

Maintain your online visibility

Finally, when you want to find a job in the financial sector, you should maintain your profile online. When recruiting, 50% of employers search online to see your interests or simply to find out about your previous positions.

Make sure you have a positive and professional profile on social networks, for example on LinkedIn, where recruiters search most of the time.

Fed Finance helps you get a job in the finance sector with no experience

You are now ready to start your job search without any experience in the finance sector. With these tips, you can apply for and obtain a position, even without having worked in the industry. If you want personal assistance in your job search, contact the Fed Finance team. Our consultants specialize in temporary and permanent recruitment for the accounting and finance professions and will help you find a job that meets your expectations.