How to get a promotion that will propel your career in finance

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Posted at 25/05/2018
How to get a promotion that will propel your career in finance
What can you do to take your career

What can you do to take your career in the finance industry to the next level? Maybe you want to get a promotion, more responsibilities or simply a bigger paycheck?

Even if you are aiming for the highest peaks, you should know that it may be time to think small. While this may seem counterintuitive, it's not necessarily the grand gestures, but the little things you do every day that will truly move you forward. Here are 5 tips that will help you get promoted.

1- Build your network of contacts in the financial world

The more your colleagues know about your strengths, your skills, your value to the organization and your ambitions, the more likely your name is to resonate within your company when opportunities arise.

An additional benefit of developing your network of contacts is that you will learn much more about the company if you network with people who work in other areas of the organization. You could then be one of the first informed when new positions become available.

2- Develop new knowledge and skills in finance

It should go without saying that another of the best ways to successfully get promoted is to expand your knowledge and skills in critical areas of finance. As technology and the socio-economic context rapidly change, you need to develop new techniques to not only perform your job effectively, but also remain a competitive candidate in the job market.

Experts also suggest that employees who want to advance their careers should not only stay updated on news and events in the financial sector, but also pay attention to trends and events outside their specialty.

3- Ask for additional responsibilities

Volunteering to help other departments or teams, or simply asking for more responsibility can increase your value within the organization or in the eyes of recruiters.

In effect, volunteering to do more tasks shows interest and a genuine desire to help the business grow. It can also help you demonstrate certain skills that you don’t have the opportunity to explore in your current role.

4- Demonstrate team spirit and leadership

Because many tasks are now performed by work teams, it becomes even more important to share your achievements with your team and avoid pointing fingers when there are failures.

And by being a good team player and leading by example, you can only strengthen your reputation and increase your value for the organization.

5- Create your own promotion opportunities

If you study the needs of your organization and the challenges it faces, you notice something that has been neglected and you have key skills in this area, suggest creating a position to address the issue.

Even if your employer doesn’t adopt the new position, you will have demonstrated your initiative and creativity. Demonstrating your involvement can only work in your favour the next time you ask for a promotion.

Find a finance job that meets your expectations

Who knows, by putting these few tips into action, you could get the promotion you want. One thing is certain, you will make your candidacy indispensable in the eyes of your superiors.

If you would like more advice on the job market, more specifically in the accounting and finance sector, don’t hesitate to contact the Fed Finance team. Our recruitment expertise is matched only by our desire to help you get your dream job.