How to keep a job search secret

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Posted at 16/10/2018
How to keep a job search secret
Many workers say they would feel comfortable se

Many workers say they would feel comfortable searching for a new job while they are still employed. If you are among this group and plan to do the same, however, caution and discretion are advised. One misstep and you could lose your current job, and therefore your main source of income.

To make it as easy as possible for you to transition from one job to another, here are some tips to help you keep your job search a secret.

Check internal job openings beforehand

If your dissatisfaction is more about the tasks related to your current position than the work environment, why not start by checking if there are jobs available in your own company? This could prevent you from having to secretly contact other employers. If you are interested in vacant positions, you could simply notify your superiors. In fact, recruitment managers often prefer to hire candidates internally.

Keep your job search out of the office

Do not use your current company's office equipment to submit resumes. Many electronic devices store files on internal servers that can be monitored by management. In any case, it would not be ethical to use your current employer's time and resources to look for work.

Try to schedule job interviews based on your working hours. If this isn't possible, use a personal day or two for your interviews. Explain to potential employers that your current company is unaware of your job search. As a result, the recruiting manager will not contact your supervisor or co-workers to learn more about you. You should also be careful not to use current colleagues as a reference. Who knows if they might be tempted to expose your job search in the open?

Be careful when using social media for your job search

While you are at work, you will need to closely monitor your social media notification settings to ensure that you do not draw your colleagues' attention to your job search.

Moreover, since HR people often use LinkedIn, your strategy could backfire if your current manager finds out that you want to leave your position.

Also avoid sending emails, responding to job offers or calling potential employers from your office at work. Even if you think you are acting privately, someone may see or hear you.

Contact a professional recruiter

Hiring a recruitment agency has the added benefit that a professional recruiter can practically conduct a job search for you while you are at work. Recruiters can use their extensive contact networks on your behalf to discover unadvertised vacancies. Finally, they can notify you as soon as a position that matches your career goals and salary requirements opens up.

In conclusion

When you find a new job, you want to leave on good terms and with a positive impression. If you can keep your job search a secret, there is a good chance that you can make a smooth transition without anyone feeling betrayed.

To make this easier, don't hesitate to ask for Fed Finance's support. Specialized in finance since 2001, our team of recruiters can help you find a new job that meets your aspirations, with complete discretion!