How to stand out in an interview and maximize your chances

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Posted at 15/10/2019
How to stand out in an interview and maximize your chances
Did you get an interview for your dream job? If so, you are going to have to go the extra mile to stand out. In some respects, an interview with a recruiter is like selling a product, but in this case, the product is you!

Standing out in an interview means promoting your professional and social skills as best as possible so that the recruiter will show more interest in you than another candidate. If you want to maximize your chances during a job interview, follow these 5 tips.

1. Standing out begins before the interview

Start preparing for your interview by learning about the company through its website and social networks. Discover its values and corporate culture. Try to understand its goals and the vision it wants to achieve. Write down any information that will help you ask meaningful questions in an interview.

2. Prepare your pitch for a successful interview

Sure, you know your work history, but do you know how to highlight your strengths and capitalize on your weaknesses? During a job interview or telephone interview, the recruiter often asks standard questions such as "what are your qualities" or "where do you see yourself in 5 years"? You shouldn't give basic answers. Prepare them with arguments that will make you stand out from other candidates.

3. Stand out in an interview with non-verbal communication

Dealing with a recruiter can be stressful. You need to be confident and have a positive attitude. In this regard, your clothing, gestures and non-verbal communication are important. Your personality can be decisive for your future. Keep in mind that enthusiasm, passion and tone of voice are all elements that transmit positive energy. With a firm handshake, a sincere smile and a candid look, you will stand out from the very first seconds.

4. Bringing added value, the winning ticket for the ideal candidate

Standing out in an interview means highlighting the qualities that others do not possess and contributing what is not available internally in the company. Highlight your skills and especially your talents and passions. Lack of experience should not be a barrier, show your willingness to learn and progress. The best way to prove your added value is to be yourself.

5. Stand out after the job interview

After the interview, you cross your fingers hoping for a call back. Keep in mind that you can add a bonus point to your application by sending a follow-up email to your recruiter. Write a thank you message within 24 hours. Use this opportunity to discuss a part of your meeting that you particularly enjoyed. Whether a championed corporate value or an attractive goal, find the detail that will impress your audience.

Ready to stand out at your next interview?

You are now equipped to make your mark when you are called for a job interview. Apply these tips no matter what industry or position you have applied for and you will have a good chance of moving to the next step in the candidate selection process.

For more advice on job interviews, or if you need assistance in your job search, contact the Fed Finance team. With a strong presence in Montreal, our team of recruiters will help you find a position that matches your career aspirations.