Job Interview: How Do You Highlight the Required Qualifications?

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Posted at 09/11/2017
Job Interview: How Do You Highlight the Required Qualifications?

Job interview: how do you highlight the required qualifications for a position?

Job interviews can be scary at times, but as the old adage goes, "fail to get ready and get ready to fail". It’s therefore important to remember that you will have limited time to be well-prepared for this potentially career-defining moment.

For this reason, no details should be overlooked and you should prepare yourself to demonstrate that you possess all the qualifications required for the position.

Discover some tips to put all the odds in your favour and stand out from other candidates during a job interview.

Research the company before the interview

How can you adequately prepare for an interview if you ignore everything about the company you want to work for? You should therefore try to learn more about the history, goals, philosophy, or even values ​​that the company prides itself on.

To do this, you can consult the company’s website or speciality publications. Once you become familiar with what the organization deems important, you will be able to guide some of your responses towards highlighting these characteristics. Moreover, think of concrete examples that demonstrate that you possess these values, as they might be useful during the interview.

On top of looking for a competent employee, recruiters primarily look for a human being who shares certain specific visions, with the goal of harmoniously integrating them into a new work environment.

Read the job offer carefully

Although you’ve undoubtedly done so repeatedly while writing your resume and cover letter, you should carefully re-read the job offer that corresponds to the position for which you are being interviewed.

This offer is riddled with clues about the skills and qualities that recruiters look for in candidates who might fill a vacant position. You should take note of these characteristics and try to think of professional situations in which you have demonstrated these specific strengths and qualities. Rather than simply listing them in the interview, recruiters will look for concrete examples that prove your qualifications and abilities. Don’t hesitate to quantify your examples, which will give more weight to your arguments and provide the opportunity for the employer to get a clear picture of your potential contribution to their business.

Prepare a custom portfolio for the job interview

Of course, not all job interviews are compatible with portfolio preparation. However, if you have concrete evidence of your skills, you will be able to demonstrate your productivity and the recruiter may see an advantage over other applicants. The goal is to have your words be supported by tangible actions, which are much more meaningful and prove your qualities and skills beyond any doubt.

Once the interview is over, you can send a courtesy email thanking the interviewer for their time and the consideration you were given. Reaffirm your interest in the position and you could take the lead against a competitor that is neck and neck with you. In any event, remember that no job interview is perfect and try to make each one a rewarding and formative experience.

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