How to Write an Attractive Job Posting in Finance

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Posted at 23/03/2023
How to Write an Attractive Job Posting in Finance
In a highly competitive job market, your job postings need to be top-notch. Companies need to work hard to attract prime finance and accounting talent and avoid losing the best candidates to their competitors.

Apply the following tips from our finance recruitment agency and learn how to create job offers that will attract the best people for the position.

5 tips for writing an attractive job offer

Not everyone in finance knows how to write an attractive job offer. At first it may seem obvious, but writing an effective job offer means communicating a lot of information while remaining concise and still generating an interest. It can be harder than it looks.

1. Describe the position clearly

Start by giving the job a clear and concise title. Next, summarize key responsibilities and duties. It is important to give candidates a clear idea of what they will be committing to if they are hired.

State clearly what qualifications and skills will be required from a successful candidate. This allows applicants to prepare thoroughly and approach you with a strong application, resume and cover letter.

2. Offer a competitive salary

The first step in creating an attractive job offer is doing research. Find out what the starting and average salaries are in your industry. Be sure that your offer is competitive.

The salary being offered is not the only factor an applicant will consider, but it does provide an incentive. According to 87% of candidates, ads that include salary information are more attractive. Specifying salary also saves time for both parties and shows a level of transparency that is appreciated.

3. Mention the benefits of/linked with the position

Financial compensation is not the only thing that matters to future employees. In fact, benefits associated with a position will also weigh heavily in the balance.

According to some studies, vacation time is the most important benefit after salary. Candidates also consider company culture and potential career advancement when they apply. Offering benefits is not only important when preparing a job offer in finance, it can also help you retain your best workers.

4. Be careful with language and phrasing

Simple, direct language makes better job postings. Avoid technical terms or jargon that candidates may not understand: it is not the time to show off knowledge or set yourself up as superior, but to attract candidates.

Use verbs like "manage", "lead", "create" or "develop". Action verbs like this ignite interest in the responsibilities and tasks related to a position, and will inspire candidates to rise to the challenge.

5. Be genuine

Be honest and transparent about the company's expectations and what the position involves. Avoid exaggerating or misrepresenting your company’s values when you’re trying to attract employees. Candidates are curious about company culture and want to know if it matches their own values and expectations. Be succinct and convincing when presenting your employer image.

Example of how to write a job offer

At Fed Finance, our recruiters specialize in presenting job offers in finance.

Imagine you're looking to hire a financial analyst for your company. How can you write an attractive job posting for this position? Try using the following template:

Job title

Financial analyst in an investment management company

Introduce your company

Now that you have clearly presented the position you are recruiting for, tell candidates about your company so that they can begin to have an idea of how they might fit in and who they might be working for.

"Our company, [Company Name], is a leading investment management firm specializing in long-term investments and innovative portfolio management strategies. We were founded over 25 years ago and have since earned a reputation for excellence in portfolio management, market analysis and client service.

We pride ourselves on creating a stimulating work environment where employees are encouraged to grow professionally and personally. Now, we need you, to keep moving forward!"

Job description and duties

The candidate now knows a bit about your company and what they can expect from you. It’s time to explain what you expect from them.

"We are looking for a passionate financial analyst to join our dynamic and passionate team. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in financial analysis and modeling, as well as a strong ability to effectively communicate financial results and strategic recommendations.

You will be asked to:

  • Analyze financial data and trends to develop accurate forecasts
  • Develop financial models to assess business performance and risk
  • Identify opportunities to optimize financial processes
  • Prepare financial reports and presentations for key stakeholders
  • Provide strategic recommendations to help guide business decisions."


Telling a candidate what you want from them and what is important to you helps them prepare a solid application.

"To successfully accomplish the tasks involved in this position, the successful candidate will have:

  • A degree in finance, accounting, economics or related field
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in financial analysis
  • Experience in financial modeling and financial forecasting
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Advanced skills in Excel and other financial modeling tools
  • Experience in the financial industry and/or a publicly traded company is a plus."

If it's part of your company culture, include a bit of humor and ask for an extra, out-of-the-box qualification just to make the candidate smile.

 Benefits of applying

An attractive job posting should make your candidates want to apply. It’s up to you to keep them interested and stay positive. Describe the benefits of working for you. Discuss well-being at work, which all candidates consider an important factor.

"Working at [Company Name] means enjoying:

  • A stimulating and collaborative work environment
  • Professional and personal development opportunities
  • Competitive compensation and comprehensive benefits (provide details about benefits here)
  • A healthy work-life balance with 50% of time spent telecommuting
  • A fun team that meets often for happy hours and team events

We are an equal opportunity company and encourage all qualified candidates to apply. If you are a passionate, motivated and talented financial analyst, we look forward to hearing from you.

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And that's it!

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