The payroll clerk in business: a sought-after position in 2018

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Posted at 02/08/2018
The payroll clerk in business: a sought-after position in 2018
The finance and accounting sector in Quebec off

The finance and accounting sector in Quebec offers very attractive career prospects. In 2018, the number of open positions and jobs increased significantly compared to the previous year, a reflection of the province's good economic health.

Among the various in-demand titles, the payroll clerk position is regularly posted on job offer websites, especially for the private sector. This demonstrates that companies have a need for this type of position.

Discover everything you need to know about the payroll administrator job and the candidate profiles that companies are in search of.

What are a payroll clerk’s main functions in a company?

In business, payroll clerks are tasked with collecting, verifying and processing payroll information. They must ensure that all information pertaining to net and gross wages is properly filled out, and that source deductions, such as union dues, taxes and various health and pension contributions, are properly recorded.

Also, in a management role, the payroll clerk must maintain attendance, leave and overtime records using manual or computerized systems. This work requires a great deal of rigour as well as good organization to precisely determine the compensation and benefits that employees are entitled to receive.

Beyond the technical tasks required by the position, the payroll clerk must also use his or her interpersonal skills to inform workers about payroll, benefits and collective agreement provisions.

Education and training required

The payroll trade has about 50,000 workers in Canada, and many businesses need this type of position to ensure that their employees are properly compensated on time.

Although some payroll positions only require a high school diploma to attain, many companies require a college or university degree in accounting, finance or business.

Moreover, having a professional certification from the Canadian Payroll Association is an additional asset that candidates can use to demonstrate eligibility. This certification can make a difference during a job interview and help you secure a position.

The profiles required to be a corporate payroll administrator

Candidate experience is an important asset for companies. Most companies require good knowledge of general accounting and a good command of various software for the available positions. Other conditions that benefit candidates are equally in-demand and regularly found in finance and accounting job offers:

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral;
  • Computer skills;
  • Good time management and meeting deadlines;
  • Rigour and attention to detail;
  • Ability to rapidly enter information into databases;
  • Good organization of data and information entry or verification;
  • A great deal of discretion when handling confidential data.

Looking for a job in the sector?

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