Payroll Technician: Everything You Need to Know About the Job

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Posted at 10/07/2020
Payroll Technician: Everything You Need to Know About the Job

Payroll technician is a relatively obscure job. Nevertheless, it is still an essential position in all business sectors.

Are you interested in a career as a payroll technician? In the following article, Fed Finance's recruitment experts provide an overview of the job.

The role of the payroll technician

The payroll technician's duties include a wide variety of daily tasks. Although not all job offers related to this payroll professional necessarily list the same responsibilities, they are generally responsible for performing the following tasks:

  • Processing payroll documents
  • Producing payroll and account for employee deductions
  • Analyzing the company's compensation and benefits
  • Submitting payroll reports to the finance department
  • Coordinating, registering and amending insurance plans
  • Managing and tracking deferred, unpaid, sick and other leave
  • Updating bank statements and other financial assets
  • Supporting staff with pension and group insurance requests

What sectors does the payroll technician work in?

The payroll technician may work in virtually any type of business. Since all businesses typically pay their employees a salary, candidates interested in working in payroll can work for organizations of any size.

However, some payroll professionals choose to become independent consultants instead. They move from company to company depending on the contracts or requests they accept.

Skills required of the payroll technician

The payroll technician is an expert with numbers. People who are interested in this type of job should demonstrate the following skills:

  • Accounting expertise
  • Payroll administration expertise
  • Mastery of different payroll systems 
  • Problem-solving ability 
  • Efficiency in time management, prioritization and organization
  • Ability to work with sensitive and confidential data
  • Developed analytical capacity

Payroll technician training and career opportunities

Anyone who wants to work as a payroll technician must complete an accounting and management diploma. This is a 3-year, full-time college program. This training is provided by a large number of CEGEPs in Quebec.

After completing these studies, the student is ready to work as a payroll technician.

If they wish, they can also continue their academic career at university by taking a bachelor's degree in finance, accounting or administration.

Become a payroll technician and land an essential job

There you have it! Now you know a little bit more about this essential job. We hope you've enjoyed this overview and that it will inspire you to embark on an exciting career as a payroll technician.

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