Payroll technician job overview

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Posted at 10/07/2020
Payroll technician job overview
Good news for people looking for a job in accounting: payroll job offersin 2022 remain high. Many companies in Quebec are looking for a payroll technician. But what does this position include? What skills does it require? What is the training and salary of a payroll technician? If you are interested in this job, you have come to the right place. This is a complete overview of the payroll technician job, provided by the recruitment experts at Fed Finance.


What are the job duties of a payroll technician?

No matter which company they work for, employees expect their wages to be paid on time and of course always the right amount. Companies rely on one or more payroll technicians to ensure this. However, this is only one aspect of this position, which is in high demand on job posting sites. Expectations differ greatly from one employer to another.

Nevertheless, certain responsibilities generally go hand in hand with this job.

Administrative tasks, an important aspect of a payroll technician’s job

Payroll technicians should expect to perform a variety of administrative tasks such as filing, writing and data entry. They must also be able to keep various up-to-date records, such as the number of vacation or sick days used by employees. They may also have to produce reports using the data they have access to.

A payroll technician needs to master different types of documents

Whether in physical or digital form, payroll management involves mastering a variety of internal and government documents. Payroll technicians ensure that employees follow procedures and submit the various forms related to their position properly filled out.

They can contact a person who has forgotten to sign documents, ask a worker to record overtime hours or check to see if each company department has submitted their timesheets. Payroll technicians also often handle various tax documents.

Resolving pay gaps is the technician's responsibility

When the human resources team discovers an error on a timesheet or questions information provided by a department, a payroll technician is often the one who has to investigate to resolve the matter. They may need to discuss a possible miscalculation with an employee or contact a manager to check a member of their work team's attendance.

Dealing with new employees

New employees are generally required to fill out a variety of documents when they are hired. Payroll technicians sometimes assist employers after recruitment to ensure that this step goes smoothly. As a result, they may have to answer questions from new employees about the forms and check that all the required information is on file.

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What are the skills required for a payroll technician job?

Payroll technicians are experts with numbers. Individuals seeking this position must demonstrate the following skills:

  • Expertise in accounting
  • Expertise in payroll administration
  • Mastery of the various payroll systems
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Effective time management and organizational skills
  • Experience working with sensitive and confidential data
  • Strong analytical skills

Training and career opportunities for the payroll technician

Those who want to work in the payroll sector must complete a program in accounting and management. This is a 3-year, full-time college program. This training is offered by a large number of CEGEPs in Quebec.

After graduating, the students are ready to work as payroll technicians.

Students who wish to work in other accounting and finance jobs can also pursue their academic career at university by completing a bachelor's degree in finance, accounting or administration.

What is the salary of a payroll technician in Canada?

In Canada, the average salary for a payroll technician is about $50,000 per year, which is about $24 per hour. The salary varies according to your experience and the employers.

An entry-level payroll technician will typically earn about $45,000 per year, while an experienced payroll technician can make $60,000 per year.

In what industries do the payroll technicians work?

Payroll technicians can work in any type of business. Since any company usually pays salaries to their employees, candidates who want to work in payroll can work for organizations of any size.

Some payroll professionals opt instead for becoming independent consultants. They move from company to company accepting contracts or orders.

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This summarizes the job duties of most payroll technician positions. With experience and specialized training, technicians often move on to more senior payroll-related positions, such as specialist, manager or analyst.

If you are interested in this type of job, don't hesitate to start looking for a payroll technician position today by consulting the latest job offers or contacting Fed Finance for support.