What positions can you find in public sector finance?

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Posted at 30/06/2018
What positions can you find in public sector finance?
The financial department remains one of the mos

The financial department remains one of the most important divisions within public administrations and institutions. In general, this division uncovers the financial feasibility and risks presented by the projects undertaken in the sector.

As such, working in public sector finance has both advantages and disadvantages. There are a multitude of positions to choose from. Here are a few.

The public sector’s distinct features

Public sector jobs do not always evoke a positive image. The majority often think, wrongly, that this sector does not allow you to enrich yourself financially or grow professionally. Moreover, that high positions are unattainable. It is true that access to public sector trades is not easy. Selection criteria and entry exams are generally stricter and more difficult to obtain than in the private sector. Even so, once the title is obtained, the public sector offers a highly rewarding "playground" for financiers as well as countless opportunities to be seized. The most frequently mentioned benefits are the potential of reconciling private, professional and/or student life, the numerous opportunities for mobility across the region and/or country and the diversity and scope of the projects. On the other hand, one should expect to deal with strict rules, procedures and standards when working in public finance. Certain constraints must be accepted.

Public finance position examples

There are a multitude of positions available in the public finance sector. Here are the main, most popular ones:


According to the Government of Canada website, actuaries "are involved in various areas such as public and private pension plans and insurance and benefit plans, both financially and conceptually". Actuaries are pension plan managers that have the power to directly influence a country’s economy. They are also responsible for conducting major studies to solve problems related to the field. In other words, it is a position that gives you the power to change things and improve them.

Accountant or accounting advisor

The accountant or accounting advisor position is arguably one of the most popular in public and private administrations. There are indeed many job offers for accountants and it is one of the 5 most in-demand jobs in Quebec. Occupying this position involves participating in the planning, management and control of public finances while tracking expenses. The accountant is thus able to assess risks and manage the government's financial balances. He can also take on the role of accounting advisor for the management of certain projects. All in all, this is a position designed for people who enjoy a challenge!

Finance officer

The finance officer is one of the most important positions in public service. He/she ensures that the management of public financial resources is sound and sustainable. He/she also plays the role of strategist with the understanding that they are a key player in the growth of the economy, notably by job creation. This function also involves budget management, the elaboration of budgetary rules, the preparation of public accounts, the supervision of enterprises with state-regulated activities, and more. The position comes with a high level of responsibility and is very diversified in terms of duties and objectives.

What to remember

Although public sector access requires effort, finance positions are highly rewarding, in particular because of the nature, diversity and challenges that the work involves. This list is not exhaustive and there are many finance jobs available in the public sector.

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