Why is a quick hiring process beneficial to a business?

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Posted at 26/02/2018
Why is a quick hiring process beneficial to a business?

Since the best candidates are usually in high demand, it’s important that your company’s hiring process doesn’t make you lose candidates to the benefit of your competitors due to being too slow.

However, shortening your hiring process doesn’t have to involve cutting down your requirements. When you have a position to fill, be prepared to be decisive and make hiring a priority. This can be highly beneficial.

A quick hiring process saves resources

Reducing the duration of your hiring process will limit the amount of time human resources or hiring departments spend on recruiting, researching and screening candidates.

Moreover, depending on the role to be filled, you may be required to temporarily fill the vacant position by increasing your other employees’ workloads, subcontracting or delaying product or software launches.

Quicker hiring will help you save valuable resources, such as your hiring staff’s time and costs associated with the unfilled position.

Hire faster to get your hands on top talent

Highly skilled talent never stays on the market for long. A common problem for many recruiters is that once the decision is made and a candidate is fully approved and authorized, the candidate is no longer available. They may have accepted a position with a competitor or simply no longer be interested in your offer because of the bidding war their specialized skills have generated.

Having a longer interview process means that you risk losing the exceptional candidates you are interested in due to other professional opportunities they may receive. Limiting the interview process to a few days or weeks rather than a month or more ensures that the talents that interest you most are always available once the final decision is made.

An accelerated hiring process improves the candidates' experience

No one likes being in the period of wait and doubt that can follow a job interview. Communicating your decisions with candidates in a timely manner enhances their experience with your business. They will have a more positive image that could convince them to choose your job offer.

Conversely, requiring multiple interviews, extending the hiring process and forcing candidates to wait weeks for your answer gives them a bad first impression of your business. You could even build an unenviable reputation that will discourage candidates from applying if you waste the applicants' time too often.


Now that you better understand how a quick hiring process can benefit your business, you will definitely want to shorten your own. However, it’s not always easy to do this without reducing your requirements or running the risk of choosing a bad candidate on a whim.

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