Should you continue applying for a finance job despite several rejections?

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Posted at 20/12/2019
Should you continue applying for a finance job despite several rejections?
Being turned down repeatedly can be deeply discouraging, especially if you are really passionate about the employment sector in which you are applying. If this sounds your situation, don't give up: you will eventually find a position that suits you.

On the other hand, there is no point in continuing to apply blindly, without attempting to find the source of the multiple rejections and solving the problem. As employment specialists in the financial sector, we can help you improve your application, with the goal of maximizing your chances of being hired.

Applying for a finance job: the importance of a quality CV

Employers in some sectors are more concerned about the quality of your resume than others. This applies to the finance sector, where meticulous and professional individuals are sought.

If you are confident that you have all the skills needed to get a position, but your application is repeatedly rejected, you may want to try to improve your CV. Among the flaws to be checked, pay particular attention to the readability and structure of the elements, the relevance of the information and the quality of the spelling.

The interview, a key step in the hiring process

Do you make it to the interview stage, but never get the job afterwards? You may need a few tips to help you stand out in an interview.

Start by taking the time to familiarize yourself with the company you are applying for: visit its website and social networks to get an idea of your employer's organizational culture. Although it can sometimes be difficult to predict, find answers to questions you may be asked in advance. You will be much more confident in your answer when the time comes for the interview.

During the interview, you will look much better if you adopt a positive attitude and be confident. Highlight your skills and try to capitalize on your weaknesses. Finally, the most important thing to differentiate yourself from other candidates is to bring added value, i.e. to promote a skill, personality trait or interest relevant to the job that sets you apart from the others.

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