Everything to know about the tax manager profession

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Posted at 31/07/2018
Everything to know about the tax manager profession
Taxation is fundamentally important for any bus

Taxation is fundamentally important for any business. Every business is obligated comply with the existing tax legislation in its country of operation.

As such, most large companies have a tax manager. Their mission is to advise the members of the organization in important decisions such as investment, restructuring, mergers or overseas expansion.

Find out what the tax manager profession is and how to get there.

What to study to become a tax manager

If you want to become a tax manager, you need to have completed a master’s degree, equivalent to 5 years of study. Of course, it is preferable to gravitate towards finance with a specialty in taxation from the beginning.

Otherwise, it is possible to obtain tax manager qualification with many specialized degrees, such as legal and financial engineering, fiscal law or business law and taxation.

Qualifications and skills required

This position requires a high proficiency with numbers, coupled with strong knowledge of taxation, accounting and finance. Moreover, the person in this position must be curious by nature, since it will be required to constantly search for useful information and figures for the company.

In addition, tax managers meet with many people including company representatives, tax audit supervisors and other tax professionals. The profession therefore requires good human relations and communication skills to convey ideas clearly and effectively.

Rigour, objectivity and diplomacy are also highly valued qualities for the tax manager position.

Employers and future prospects

The tax manager’s line of work isn’t limited to a single sector of activity. In this sense, numerous job offers can regularly be found on the market. Nevertheless, not every company has a tax manager. Essentially, the position mainly exists in large commercial and industrial groups that need to entrust tax management to a professional.

On another note, one of the advantages of holding this position is that there are many opportunities for growth, provided you keep up with the latest changes since taxation is a constantly evolving field. As such, tax managers can access management positions and move to other positions such as financial or legal director. They can also target larger companies if they want to take on more responsibility and see an increase in salary.

Where can you find a tax manager position?

If reading this article made you think that the tax manager’s line of work would be an interesting career for you, contact our recruitment experts. Specialized in finance and accounting since 2001, our team will assist you in finding and obtaining your ideal job.