Update your CV in just 30 minutes

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Posted at 25/01/2019
Update your CV in just 30 minutes
Do you need to quickly apply for a j

Do you need to quickly apply for a job and send a resume in a hurry?

No worries, 30 minutes can be enough to update your CV and stack the odds in your favour to get the job you are looking for.

Review the order of information presented on your CV

To be most effective, a CV should present information in order of relevance. In general, recruiters appreciate finding work history first, followed by education, and then a list of technical and general skills. Applicants who have won honours and distinctions can also mention them in a final section at the end of the CV.

Air out the content of your resume

An inviting and easy-to-read CV is always more likely to get the candidate an interview. For these reasons, it is recommended to add empty spaces to improve readability and avoid overwhelming the reader. Another tactic to air out the content of a resume is to select a font with slightly narrower characters. This can give a whole new lease on life to a document in just a few seconds.

Use titles and subtitles intelligently to guide the reader

Using titles and subtitles wisely will enable a recruiter to quickly find the information he or she is looking for. Of course, they should be inserted sparingly to avoid creating the opposite effect. Adding bulleted lists can also help guide the reader's eyes to the most relevant information.

"Trimming the fat"

Keeping your CV concise is another way to avoid wasting the recruiter's time. At the moment, the tendency is to overlook headings such as hobbies, as well as education and work experience, that are not directly related to the published job offer. In any case, if these topics are of interest to the employer, they can ask the candidate about them during an interview.

Make sure your CV is free of spelling mistakes

Even candidates applying for a job in finance and accounting should be wary of spelling mistakes on their resumes. The impression left by a sloppy document full of mistakes is often negative and suggests that the author doesn't pay much attention to detail.

Further increase your chances of getting a job

That's it, you now know how to quickly update a resume. Take the time to update yours regularly. This way, you will always be ready to apply if you see an attractive job offer.

However, if you would like expert advice and assistance in finding a job in the financial sector, contact Fed Finance today. Our recruitment specialists can support you in your search for the job of your dreams and we even accept unsolicited applications.