What is the job description of a credit analyst in Canada?

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Posted at 25/11/2019
What is the job description of a credit analyst in Canada?
There are many professions in the financial sector and navigating through this wide range of jobs can be complex. The job of credit analyst is part of this highly coveted sector in Canada.

Whether you are about to start your career in the financial sector or want to move to a new position, there are several resources at your disposal.

To shed light on this profession, which offers diverse opportunities, here is a brief overview of the credit analyst's job description in Canada.

What is the credit analyst's job description?

A credit analyst is a professional who works in the financial sector and specializes in assessing the creditworthiness of an individual or company. His primary task is therefore to assess the economic situation of borrowers in order to determine their credit or loan options and the likelihood of repaying the debts incurred. He therefore has the responsibility of identifying the risk incurred by the institution for which he works, namely a bank, a rating agency or an investment company.

In the process, he is also required to inform the other branches of his current cases to ensure regular follow-up.

What profile do you need to be a good credit analyst

The job of credit analyst requires certain key skills. If you want to pursue a career in this sector, you must have a strong knowledge of economics, jurisdiction, taxation and accounting. It is also necessary to have computer and office automation skills to optimize file management. Beyond the more technical aspects, you are responsible for making objective and clear decisions based on a rigorous review of client files. It is therefore important to be detailed and precise when writing reports and to pay special attention to missing information or errors that may occur in the various documents.

Credit analyst career advancement

As far as advancement in this profession is concerned, the possibilities are manifold. After a few years in office, a credit analyst can manage more demanding files, as well as larger amounts. He can also obtain a higher position in the hierarchy of his institution or even work in multiple fields such as branch management, corporate customer management, corporate banking or inspection.

Credit analyst: a sought-after job in Quebec

Now that you know more about the credit analyst's job description, you may be considering a position in the field. If this is the case, the Fed Finance team can help you in your job search in the accounting and finance sector in Quebec. Don't hesitate to contact our dedicated recruiters to discover the various offers available or to get the support you need during your recruitment process.

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