What Makes a Good Accountant?

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Posted at 06/04/2022
What Makes a Good Accountant?
Are you thinking about becoming an accountant, but wondering if you have what it takes? What makes a good accountant? What qualities are recruiters looking for?

In this article, find out about the skills needed to be a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) in Quebec.

1. Accounting and taxation proficiency and a willingness to learn

First of all, accountants must master the particularities of accounting and taxation in the country and region where they practice.

To practice as an accountant in Quebec, candidates must study accounting in university and pass the CPA Canada exam. Recruiters look for candidates with this certification to ensure that they have mastered accounting according to the standards of the profession.

The best accountants also take professional development courses throughout their career to hone their skills and stay up to date on new trends in the field. That way, they remain relevant on the job market.

2. Communication and teamwork

CPAs must also have good communication skills in order to work well with their colleagues and clients. Accountants generally need to collaborate with other departments in the course of their work, so they must be able to communicate effectively and explain complex concepts in an accessible way.

Accountants must also have good interpersonal skills to interact with their clients. Clients want to know that their accountant understands their needs and challenges and is working to find the best possible accounting and tax solutions for them.

Accountants guide their clients through complex administrative and financial processes, so it’s vital to be able to build a relationship of trust.


Another skill needed to be an accountant is organization. Accountants have to juggle many tasks and responsibilities, so they must be able to prioritize in order to deliver their projects on time and make sure their clients are satisfied. 

The accountant profession also requires great attention to detail, critical thinking and analytical skills. Accountants must be able to analyze a large quantity of data, draw conclusions and make recommendations accordingly.

4. Adaptability and flexibility

Accountants need to be adaptable and flexible in order to complete their tasks and overcome the challenges they face.

Accountants can be assigned a wide variety of tasks depending on where they work. In large companies, accountants generally have a more specialized role (principal accountant, auditor, etc.). In SMEs, however, accountants may be asked to fulfill many different responsibilities (preparing annual statements of accounts, payroll, etc.).

Accountants must be flexible and adapt to their work environment.

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The qualities recruiters look for in accountants include:

  • Accounting and taxation proficiency
  • Communication and teamwork
  • Organization and attention to detail
  • Adaptability and flexibility

When applying for accounting jobs, it’s important to highlight these qualities on your CV and in job interviews. Otherwise, recruiters may not consider your candidacy.

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