What skills do recruiters look for in the finance sector?

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Posted at 18/11/2019
What skills do recruiters look for in the finance sector?
It is no secret that you need more than a diploma in hand to pursue a career in finance. Admittedly, a relevant academic background will always be invaluable, but other skills that are not necessarily developed in school are now highly valued by recruiters in this sector. Here are some of the most sought-after skills by recruiters in the finance sector.

Proficiency with software used in the finance sector

A good working knowledge of finance software and the ability to adapt to technological change will undoubtedly help you stand out from the competition. The most attractive technical skills for finance professionals include mastery of software such as Microsoft Excel, FIS Global, SAP and several other database management systems. The more comfortable you are with these tools and their various functions, the more useful you will be to employers.

Make sure to list the relevant software that you have significant experience with in the skills section of your resume.

Ability to communicate clearly with customers and employees

Communication skills are still essential for most jobs in the finance sector. Employers are looking for candidates who can clearly communicate information to managers, colleagues and clients.

You should therefore demonstrate to recruiters that you can adapt your vocabulary to the person you are speaking to. For an even more compelling application, you should also demonstrate that you can communicate easily through different channels (phone, email, reports, etc.).

Ability to perform mathematical calculations

Mathematical skills are extremely useful in many areas of finance, particularly those areas requiring statistical manipulation and the creation of equations to make raw financial data speak for itself. Not surprisingly, mathematical skills are among the most sought-after for accounting and actuarial positions. However, they are also an integral part of the work of anyone who works in financial analysis.

When applying, be sure to mention your ability to perform complex mathematical calculations.

Fed Finance can help you demonstrate that you have these skills

In conclusion, candidates for accounting or finance positions must have a strong understanding of industry-standard software, excellent communication skills and the ability to manipulate numbers and data in order to be attractive to recruiters. If you want your resume to reach the top of the employer stack rather than the recycling bin, make sure to highlight them in your application.

At Fed Finance, we help candidates demonstrate that they have the necessary skills to fill the position they desire. Contact Fed Finance today to get valuable help in your job search process.