Which financial sector jobs are considered essential during the COVID-19 crisis?

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Posted at 13/04/2020
Which financial sector jobs are considered essential during the COVID-19 crisis?
On March 23, 2020, the provincial government released a list of services deemed essential during the COVID-19 crisis; all other services deemed non-essential were to be temporarily suspended. However, on April 5, Premier François Legault announced that this measure would be delayed until May 5, 2020.

Naturally, this decision will have an impact on several sectors that will be unable to resume their activities as quickly as planned. Fortunately, however, a large number of employees from various backgrounds have been granted permission to continue their work. Read this article to find out which jobs in the financial sector are considered essential in this time of crisis.

Payroll services are important financial sector jobs

For starters, among the financial sector jobs that are considered essential in this period of crisis, you will of course find the various payroll services. From technicians to managers to payroll experts, all are vital during this time. And as we can see right now with the many job offers posted on various platforms, these fields are in high demand with recruitment firms.

Accounting jobs are necessary in times of crisis

The accounting sector includes several jobs that are essential in this period of crisis. Accountants, financial analysts and auditors are currently in high demand.

However, while these accounting jobs are essential, the vast majority of firms have decided to opt for remote working in order to avoid the spread of COVID-19. As a result, employees in the accounting sector mainly provide phone services. This makes it more secure, but also makes it easier to respond to the various questions from clients regarding their personal or organizational financial stability.

Insurance jobs shouldn't be overlooked

Insurance jobs are also considered essential. While they may sometimes go unnoticed, these jobs are very important, especially in times of crisis.

Many employees, employers or even contractors are questioning their insurance coverage and need clarification in these more difficult times. Consequently, insurance companies must respond to the high demand. Fortunately, however, these firms generally offer services online or over the phone. These services limit travel and facilitate many exchanges during this period of isolation.

Essential financial sector jobs during the current crisis

In short, these various jobs in the financial sector are considered essential in the face of the crisis, and for good reason. Therefore, if you want help with your finances, you have access to a number of resources.

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