Why Should Businesses Be Sensitive to Employee Comments? | Fed Finance

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Posted at 17/01/2018
Why Should Businesses Be Sensitive to Employee Comments? | Fed Finance
Why should businesses be sen

Why should businesses be sensitive to employee comments?

It is sometimes difficult to look the truth in the face. However, continually ignoring the opinions of your own employees has the potential to reduce their level of engagement at work. In fact, if you want to attract and, most importantly, retain the most talented workers, constructive exchanges are essential.

Here are some reasons why management should be sensitive to employee comments.

Listening to employees is a leadership quality

A leader who encourages employees to share suggestions for improving business productivity can make a big difference to their sense of belonging. In fact, such openness would help workers see their own company as a first-rate employer.

If a company can share the challenges it faces with its employees and seek solutions from them, it will demonstrate openness and consideration of its staff. These are qualities that an increasing number of candidates are looking for.

Consider employee comments to increase retention

Many employers make the mistake of moving forward with plans, such as benefit programs and bonus structures, without first testing the waters with their employees. Being aware of your teams’ concerns can help you develop truly desirable strategies to boost employee morale. With policies that encourage active listening of employees, you can have a positive impact on your talent retention rate.

Foster innovation by listening to employees

The importance of being sensitive to employee comments can be seen in terms of innovation. Many successful companies encourage their employees to share their innovative ideas through contests and bonus structures. When employee ideas are heard and encouraged, there can be a positive impact on a company's performance and ability to remain a first-rate employer.

A few strategies that demonstrate consideration of your staff

Certain markets, such as finance, are very competitive when it comes to recruiting and retaining the best talent possible. In this sense, companies that want to be considered progressive listen to employee comments and recognize the importance of a work-life balance. They will therefore put forward strategies such as:

  • ·         Make more room for flexibility in the corporate culture

  • ·         Set custom goals for each employee

  • ·         Create discussion groups where people can express their ideas and opinions

  • ·         Develop mentorship programs that promote dialogue between experienced employees and new hires.

In short, there are many benefits to being open with your employees. Employees who feel heard also feel more connected to their employer, which positively motivates them to do a better job for the organization.

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