Can networking help you find a job in the finance sector?

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Posted at 20/01/2020
Can networking help you find a job in the finance sector?
The financial world is full of career opportunities. Despite this, it is important to be familiar with the various techniques that help you find a position in this coveted sector. Among all the possible approaches, networking tends to be a rather effective method.

Want to know if networking can help you find a job in the financial sector? This article covers the topic for further clarification.

Networking in finance to increase your reach

Networking is a great way to make yourself known to accomplished professionals. Carefully defining your interests, your values and your qualities will help you stand out in your interactions with them, even if you have little or no experience in finance.

Not only does networking provide valuable advice, but it can often lead to an interview. With good preparation, you will show your interest and be taken seriously.

Networking for unprecedented access to job offers

Networking in the financial community not only provides greater visibility, but also gives access to job opportunities that are sometimes not posted online.

While only 20 to 30% of jobs are filled through third-party advertising or recruitment agencies, 70 to 80% are filled before they are even published.

Consequently, participating in a networking event increases your chances of being exposed to these exclusive jobs.

Career fairs: prime venues for networking

A variety of networking events exist and career fairs are among them. These are ideal places to meet and talk with reputable professionals and obtain useful, and even privileged, information when you want to work in finance.

Indeed, they make it possible to gather information on the various companies in the sector, as well as to obtain recommendations. Participating in these fairs will show your motivation and determination. You will also greatly increase your chances of landing the job that interests you.

Find a job in the finance sector with the help of Fed Finance

In short, networking is a good technique for finding a job in the finance sector. Applying the few tips mentioned above will make it easier for you to expand your contact network and open yourself up to more opportunities.

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