Charm recruiters by sending an effective follow-up email after a job interview

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Posted at 26/08/2019
Charm recruiters by sending an effective follow-up email after a job interview
Getting a job interview isn't always a piece of cake. If you want to stand out from the crowd after a job interview, some recruiters suggest writing a follow-up email. Since not all job applicants know how to write this type of post-interview communication, we have decided to cover the topic for you. In this article, we will show you how to charm recruiters with a follow-up email.

Interview follow-up email: an overview

Interview follow-up emails are useful for several reasons. First, these communications serve to show recruiters that you are grateful and enthusiastic about the position you were interviewed for.

Moreover, follow-up emails allow you to highlight some of your interpersonal skills. Job candidates who demonstrate respect, communication and active listening before, during and after a job interview are highly sought after in the workplace because these types of social skills are difficult to teach in the workplace. Memorable candidates therefore stand out more.

Tips for writing a powerful interview follow-up email

When you decide to write your follow-up email, start by thanking the recruiter for taking the time to meet with you. Also consider reminding them of how your skills and talent match the position you are applying for. Refer to the notes you have taken and the job description to choose words that will capture the reader's attention. Take this opportunity to reiterate your interest in the position and your conviction that you are the ideal candidate for this position.

More detail on good writing practices

If you want to write a powerful follow-up email after an interview, mention the title of the position in the first paragraph and thank the recruiter for his or her time. Also try to express your interest in the position and the company.

In the next paragraph, talk about your interests, goals and experience and put them into context based on the key elements of the job interview. Be specific and concise.

In the last paragraph, remind them what makes you stand out from the crowd and what this new opportunity will bring. Then finish the follow-up email by mentioning that you are looking forward to hearing from him/her and that you remain available for any further questions, if any.

Increase your chances of getting a job with the help of an interview follow-up email

What if you do not receive any news after sending your interview follow-up email? You may want to consider writing to the person again, since they may be overwhelmed by the task or caught up in a cumbersome, multi-stage hiring process, as is often the case in large companies. And if you have unfortunately not been selected for the position, offer to keep in touch with the recruiter, it will indicate your interest and goodwill.

While it is no easy task to get an interview, getting the job that comes with it is not always easy either. On the other hand, there is no doubt that follow-up emails can help you stand out from other candidates. So make the most of them!

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