Do you need to call a recruiter after sending your resume?

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Posted at 05/02/2020
Do you need to call a recruiter after sending your resume?
Finding a job is an uphill battle and requires a great deal of effort. A recruitment agency can help you find a job that matches your goals. However, what should you do once you have sent your resume to a recruiter and are waiting for a response? 

If this is your case, you are probably wondering whether you should do a follow-up call with a recruiter after sending your resume or whether you should wait for them to call you back? In this article, we cover the subject for you. Let's get started!

Calling a recruiter after sending a resume: a matter of time

When you send your CV to a recruitment agency, some recruiters will advise you to follow up by phone or email. Due to the popularity of some recruiting firms and the high demand, do not hesitate to contact the recruiter you worked with previously. Even if your file is being handled well, recruiters receive a large number of resumes every month. It may be a good idea to give them a call to ensure that your resume hasn't fallen through the cracks. 

However, if your application and your goals match the position in question, rest assured that the recruiter will contact you promptly. If not, a follow-up call from you will always be welcome.

A follow-up call that shows the recruiter you are motivated!

Calling a recruiter after sending your resume not only helps you stay informed of possible advancements, but also demonstrates your interest in a particular job offer or your search.

Contacting the recruiter you sent your resume to shows ambition and enthusiasm and sets you apart from other candidates who don't bother to follow up. Recruiters appreciate the fact that a candidate seems impatient and determined for a new job. This simple gesture can be to your advantage.

Tips for contacting a recruiter after sending your CV

First, when you follow up by phone after sending your resume, make sure you are polite. Adopting a respectful attitude will demonstrate your professionalism and your ability to discuss important issues. You can also thank the recruiter for offering you their time and handling your file.

In addition, you need to be well prepared for your call to make a good impression. You don't want to contact a recruiter and not know what to say once you are on the phone. Being well prepared will help you hold the recruiter's attention and highlight your skills. You can prepare notes with the key elements you want to mention.

The most important thing is to adopt a positive attitude and show that the job search is important to you. 

Calling a recruiter after sending a resume: a good initiative!

As you can see, calling a recruiter after sending a resume is very much appreciated. Whether it is find out the status of your resume, to stand out from other candidates or to promote your skills, the recruiter will react positively to the call.

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