The best talent recruitment strategies to overcome market challenges

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Posted at 27/03/2018
The best talent recruitment strategies to overcome market challenges

If you are struggling to find quality candidates to fill new or vacant positions in finance and accounting, your recruitment strategies may be to blame. Essentially, with low unemployment rates, declining labor supply and rising labor demand, some hiring techniques need to be rethought to be fully effective.

Discover some recruitment strategies that will help you overcome market challenges and get your hands on the best talent despite the tough environment.

Careful recruitment planning

If you want to find ideal candidates, it’s important to start by developing precise strategies.

Before announcing a job opening or posting a job offer, sit down with other managers and determine the attributes, experience and skills required for the position. This will help you create accurate job descriptions that will help you determine your requirements when choosing candidates.

You must also adapt your job posting strategies to new media. Use the biggest possible network to get your ads and messages distributed, using social media, networking and digital marketing.

Shorten the selection process

In a job market where qualified candidates are becoming increasingly rare, you cannot afford to drag your selection process on interminably. If you don’t make quick decisions, the best talent might slip through the cracks and accept an offer from one of your competitors. Put the odds in your favour by deploying strategies to limit the time needed to make a hiring decision.

To this end, phone or video interviews enable you to conduct interviews remotely in various time slots. You should also limit the number of rounds or selection stages to the bare minimum.

Make a convincing and attractive offer to the chosen candidate

Once you have decided on a candidate, you shouldn’t hesitate to offer attractive compensation. Since applicants typically receive several offers, hiring managers and recruiters must keep updated on current pay rates present the most tempting offers. Be prepared by ensuring that your offers are can rival those of your competitors.

Moreover, remember that money isn’t the only factor that people consider when choosing a job. If you asked the right questions during the interview, you will know what matters most to the professionals you want to recruit. Flexible hours, extra vacation time, tuition reimbursement and the ability to work remotely are excellent examples of benefits that can weigh heavily when choosing an employer.

Use an experienced partner to rethink your recruitment strategy

The leading specialist recruitment agencies are well aware of current employment trends. They can provide you with sound advice that will help you rethink your recruitment process.

With this in mind, the Fed Finance team has the skills and expertise to assist you in developing your recruitment strategies. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we can help you overcome market challenges in the field of finance.