What does the job of a currency trader involve?

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Posted at 17/03/2020
What does the job of a currency trader involve?
The world of finance encompasses a wide variety of professions. There's something for everyone, from those who prefer a routine to people who are risk takers.

Do you like to work under pressure and do in-depth analysis of the financial market? Then you might be interested in the job description of a trader. Our experts will provide you with an overview of this profession to shed more light on it.

What is a trader’s job description?

A trader, also known as a market operator, is a professional who trades in the financial products market. He constantly monitors market developments and analyzes buying and selling opportunities.

This professional may work in finance on behalf of the entities they represent, such as banks, investment firms, brokerage firms, etc. They may also work for clients, without the need to enter into direct contact with them.

Their in-depth knowledge of the currency market enables them to carry out profitable operations, namely by carefully monitoring exchange rate fluctuations.

What kind of profile do you need to be a good trader?

Trading is a very intense job, so it is essential to have good physical and mental stamina to cope with the demanding work hours and constant pressure in the industry.

Having a perfect grasp of economics, mathematics and computer science is also an asset for this profession. The trader must also be a disciplined candidate with a keen sense of negotiation and a great deal of intuition to sniff out good opportunities.

Developments in the trading profession

After a decade or so in the heated atmosphere of the trading floor, the trader usually turns to other finance jobs where the pressure is less palpable.

Therefore, they usually move on to positions as portfolio managers, financial analysts or even auditors.

The trader: a job in the heat of the action!

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