What is institutional finance?

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Posted at 18/09/2019
What is institutional finance?
Have you ever heard of institutional finance? If this topic sparks your interest, here is a short guide that will explain some of the main aspects of this field of finance! 

Institutional finance concerns the management of financial institutions and credit

Institutional finance is an area related to the management of financial institutions and more specifically banks. Naturally, the tasks involved concern several aspects of credit, both credit services for individuals and businesses. 

People who work in institutional finance therefore regularly have to make important decisions about mortgages, credit for entrepreneurs and even holdings and investments. In addition, those in charge of a branch are responsible for its good management.

Jobs in the upper echelons of financial institutions

Institutional finance jobs are therefore mainly located in the upper echelons of banks. This can range from a consumer credit manager to a branch manager or senior executive. These are professions that require a high level of education, experience and instinct.

You don't become a branch manager overnight. You have to move up the ladder. A person in such a position will have a great deal of influence. They will inspire confidence and motivation among their advisors, who will help their clients' assets, and consequently, those of their branch, grow. All under the constant supervision of the Director.

A demanding job that requires extensive training

If you want to learn how to do this work, the CSI Institute offers mandatory training for this purpose. In addition, a specific curriculum for each bank is usually required.

This is clearly a challenging and highly competitive environment. Existing bank managers sometimes move from one branch to another. Many are called, few are chosen. Not surprisingly, these senior positions are subject to strong criticism from employees, as well as the community. Performance pressure is strongly associated with it.

It therefore takes self-confidence and awareness of one's strengths, while seeking to improve them. Training is offered regularly to help you grow in this fierce environment of high finance.

Would you like to work in institutional finance?

Now that you know more about institutional finance, you may be considering finding a job in this field.

 Fed Finance can help you find the job of your dreams. Do not hesitate to contact our seasoned recruiters. With their extensive network of contacts and experience in the field, they will assist you in your search.