How to stand out to recruiters as a finance student

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Posted at 20/01/2020
How to stand out to recruiters as a finance student
Standing out to recruiters is key to getting a job in finance. And when you're a student with little or no experience, it can be even more difficult. If this is your case, you are probably wondering how to make it easy.

In the following article, we will cover the subject together. You will discover how to stand out as a finance student and get the job you want. Let's get started!

Leverage your experience and skills to stand out to recruiters

One of the first things you have to do to stand out to recruiters is talk about your experience. In a resume or during an interview, it is important to focus on your academic path as a student.

Diplomas, qualifications and certifications, all information is relevant when applying for job offers in finance.

Moreover, even if you have no experience in the sector, you have certainly developed skills and qualities during your academic career that are transferable to a professional environment. Focus on these elements and value them. You will stand out better in the eyes of recruiters.

Doing an internship during studies: always worthwhile

If you are wondering how to stand out as a finance student, an internship with a company can be interesting.

Internships provide an opportunity to further develop your financial skills in a professional environment. They also provide access to professional references, which can be very useful.

Participating in an internship demonstrates to recruiters not only that you are committed, but also that you want to develop your experience in the financial industry.

Participate in job and career fairs to promote yourself to recruiters

Finally, if you want to stand out among recruiters, you can participate in various recruitment events.

With a simple web search, you will find different job or career fairs in or near your area. At these events, several employers or recruiters come together to present their company and discover potential candidates. If you want to work in finance, these are the perfect places to make a name for yourself.

In addition, it can be worth finding out about the various networking evenings organized by your student association or university. Not only do these evenings allow you to meet people from the community, but also get an interview for an internship and sometimes even a job.

Stand out as a finance student with these tips!

As you can see, if you are a finance student, you can stand out to recruiters. Whether by highlighting your academic background, participating in an internship or showing your interest at various events, recruiters will pay close attention to your application.

If you are interested in working in the finance sector, contact Fed Finance now! Our qualified consultants are recruitment specialists who can help you achieve your professional goals.