What do chartered accountants do?

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Posted at 27/05/2020
What do chartered accountants do?
The accounting sector is full of different jobs at different levels. Among these, the chartered accountant ranks as one of the most qualified professionals in this sector.

Are you considering a career as a chartered accountant? In order to shed more light on this profession, our experts provide an overview of the job description.

The chartered accountant: what does this job description consist of?

If you have been wondering what a chartered accountant does, the first piece of information you should know is that this professional deals with the supervision, control, maintenance and, of course, the accounting of companies, legal entities or any other organization they may collaborate with.

The size of the firm the accountant works for will determine the duties of the accountant. For a small firm, the chartered accountant's job generally involves multitasking. Whereas in a large firm, the accountant may work more closely with a team of lawyers, tax specialists and IT specialists to carry out their duties.

The role of this specialist in the accounting sector therefore goes well beyond drawing up a company's accounts. They have an important advisory role in legal, tax, social and accounting matters.

What profile do you need to be a chartered accountant?

An important part of finding a job in this field is a love of numbers. To work as a chartered accountant, you must of course have an appreciation for numbers, but you must also be able to analyze a company's accounting and economic data.

Working as a chartered accountant also means being a good listener, since this job is largely based on supporting employees and company managers. This requires a good understanding of the needs of your clients in order to better advise them afterwards.

When recruiters for accounting professions are looking for candidates to fill an accounting position, they will generally turn to someone with experience in managing a team. Leadership, communication, decision making and crisis management are also elements that these professionals are expected to master.

What does a chartered accountant do? A demanding but rewarding job!

Now that you know what the chartered accountant's job involves, perhaps you would like to find a position in the field? If the answer is yes and you have an interest in the accounting sector, we invite you to contact us now.

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