Why choose accounting as a career

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Posted at 26/09/2023
Why choose accounting as a career
Accounting is more than just a financial discipline; it's a profession that presents numerous opportunities to those who pursue it.

In this article, our finance recruitment agency delves into why an increasing number of individuals are opting for accounting as a career and how to effectively respond to the question, "Why did you choose accounting?" during an interview.

What is accounting

Accounting serves as the cornerstone of any organization, whether it's a small local business or a large international corporation. It encompasses the recording, analysis, and interpretation of financial data to facilitate informed decision-making for companies. This discipline ensures financial stability, adherence to regulations, and efficient resource management. The field of accounting is extensive, covering terms such as balance sheets, financial analysis, auditing, tax management, and much more.

Pros of accounting

A job in accounting offers several advantages, including:

  • Greater job security
  • Increased opportunities for remote work
  • Competitive salaries
  • Flexible and advantageous working hours
  • Diverse career prospects, both domestically and internationally
  • Influence on strategic business decisions

Many opportunities

One of the primary reasons why many people choose accounting as a career is the abundance of professional opportunities it provides. Whether you aspire to work for an accounting firm, a corporation, or as an independent consultant, accounting can open doors to a variety of industries. The business world constantly seeks qualified accounting professionals to ensure effective financial management.

Why choose accounting interview question

When asked this question during an interview, recruiters aim to understand your underlying motivation for pursuing a career in accounting. Here's how you can respond convincingly:

Express your interest in numbers

An accountant's role revolves around working with numbers. Emphasize your fascination with numbers and how they convey a company's financial narrative. Highlight how accounting allows you to decode these numbers and assist companies in making informed decisions.

Emphasize your desire to contribute

Articulate your desire to play a pivotal role in an organization's financial well-being by maximizing profits, reducing costs, and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Showcase your problem-solving skills

Demonstrate how accounting enables you to utilize your analytical mindset to resolve intricate problems. These problem-solving abilities are among the highly sought after soft skills by employers in the field of professional accounting.

How to answer “Why accounting”

  • If you want to underscore your passion for numbers and precision:

"I've always been captivated by numbers and the precision that surrounds them. Accounting allows me to work in a realm where every detail matters, and I find that incredibly fulfilling. As an accountant, I can organize complex financial data and aid companies in making well-informed decisions."

  • If you wish to contribute to business success:

"What drives me in accounting is the opportunity to directly contribute to the prosperity of businesses. By closely monitoring finances and furnishing valuable insights, I can assist businesses in expanding, optimizing resource management, and navigating a complex economic landscape."

  • If you relish intellectual challenges:

"Accounting presents a perpetual intellectual challenge for me. I relish solving intricate problems and devising effective financial solutions. Each day presents novel situations to analyze, making my work both stimulating and gratifying."

  • If regulatory compliance and tax management appeal to you:

"Accounting plays a pivotal role in ensuring compliance with tax and financial regulations. As an accountant, I can help companies avert legal and tax issues, which constitutes a significant and rewarding responsibility."

  • If you're intrigued by the role of a financial advisor:

"I'm drawn to the role of financial advisor that accountants fulfill. By closely collaborating with clients or the company I serve, I can guide them in their financial decisions, aid in future planning, and help them attain their objectives."

Fed Finance offers accounting jobs

Working in accounting requires a certain investment, but it's worth it. By following the advice of recruitment experts and developing solid skills, you can pave the way to a successful career in this exciting field.

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