How to send an effective spontaneous application

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Posted at 10/12/2020
How to send an effective spontaneous application
Are you looking for a job and have sent a lot of spontaneous but unsuccessful applications?

The process for sending an unsolicited application isn't quite the same as when you apply for a job offer. Because you aren't responding directly to an offer, you need to adapt your application accordingly.

This article discusses how to send a spontaneous application effectively.

Make a list of companies where you want to send your application

Before you submit a spontaneous application, you need to determine what kind of finance company you want to work for. After all, your objectives may differ if you want to work for a start-up, a small business or a large company.

Making a list of companies where you want to work is a good starting point for sending your applications. You can then research these companies and adapt your cover letters according to what each one is looking for and their specific needs.

Highlight what you have to offer recruiters

When you send an unsolicited application to an employment agency or directly to an employer, you need to highlight your core competencies.

Since you are not applying for a specific position, recruiters need to be able to identify your skills and what sets you apart from other candidates at a glance.

You can do this by writing a cover letter that you attach to your CV. Make sure that the content you write in this letter is concise and to the point.

Define your career goals

Another thing to think about when submitting a spontaneous application is to clearly define your career goals. You need to be clear about the types of positions you would like to get and why you want to work for the company in question.

This will help the recruiter or employer looking at your application to understand exactly what you are looking for. This will help them determine if they have a job for you.

Follow up on your spontaneous application with the recruiter

When you send an unsolicited application for a job in finance, it may be a good idea to follow up with the recruiter to make sure they have received your application. Following up on your spontaneous application helps show your ambition and motivation to work for the company.

When you do your follow-up, be concise, direct and confident in your words. However, don't be too insistent when you follow up, especially if you are doing it over the phone. This can be perceived as intrusive and burdensome by employers who may have less interest in hiring you afterwards.

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In summary, to send an effective unsolicited application, write a cover letter concisely describing your skills, career goals and motivations.

Another great idea is to personalize your letters according to each company you send it to as a way to really show your interest in them.

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