How Do You Answer the Question: Why Should We Hire You?

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Posted at 26/07/2023
How Do You Answer the Question: Why Should We Hire You?
This common interview question can be tricky to answer, since it demands that you find a balance between showing off and honestly presenting your best qualities, with the goal of outshining other candidates.

So, what do you say when a recruiter asks why they should hire you and not someone else? Our finance recruitment agency gives you its top tips for selling yourself while staying modest!

To know what to answer, you need to know yourself

To answer the question "Why should we hire you?", you’ll need to highlight your skills and relevant experience. Do you know what they are?

Ideally, you've already listed your soft skills in your CV, so you should be able to describe your strengths when asked. In fact, this question is a perfect opportunity to point out what you can bring to the table, so there's no need to stress. There's no such thing as a perfect candidate – but you could be an ideal candidate. Take advantage of this moment to play your best cards and focus on the positive, while staying honest.

Highlight your skills

By putting your best foot forward during the interview, you should have your top skills in mind and be ready for the question of why the company should hire you. There are some soft skills in finance that are more in demand than others, so be sure to take this into account when answering.

That said, avoid showing too much confidence, as a lack of modesty can damage your performance. This interview question is often phrased in such a way that you are asked about your skills in comparison with other potential candidates, which opens the door for the recruiter to see whether you are willing to put others down to get ahead.

Emphasize what makes you unique without showing a lack of respect. For example, it would be inappropriate to say that you're passionate about numbers while other candidates are generally in the business for the money. The nuance can be subtle.

Make the most of yourself, without denigrating anyone else.

Refer to your experience

It goes without saying that having experience under your belt can give you a great advantage over candidates who don't have any experience at all. It’s very important to point out what you have accomplished when someone asks you why they should hire you!

It’s equally important, however, to explain what your experience has contributed to your career and professional know-how. Take this opportunity to mention useful skills that will set you apart, and avoid describing experience without giving context as to why it was important to your professional development.

To be relevant, you need to know the company

Now that you are confident in presenting yourself – your strengths, assets, and experience – it’s time to take it one step further. You need to show how your qualities and experience can meet the company's needs. If you don't know what these are, you run the risk of missing the point.

Tailor your response to the position and the company's values

To deliver a relevant answer, you'll need to research the company in depth. This is the key to acing a job interview. But how?

  • Explore the company's website, and read its annual reports, recent news and social media posts. Understand its mission, vision, products or services, and corporate culture.
  • Identify the company's core values and principles. This information can often be found in the "About" section of the company's website.

Take all this into consideration when you answer the question "why should we hire you?". Always relate your skills and experience to the specific requirements of the position you're applying for. Highlight any relevant professional achievements or projects. And identify the personal qualities you possess that match the company's values, for example: if the company emphasizes collaboration and team spirit, highlight your ability to work effectively in a group. A good answer will include concrete examples of past situations in which you've demonstrated these qualities and skills.

Demonstrate your motivation

A company looks forward to the new recruit bringing something new to the table. This should be reflected in your response too.

You may have many diplomas and qualifications, but if you lack drive, what's the point? It's like showing up at a cooking workshop with high-quality tools, then saying you don't like to cook. It wouldn't make sense, and it won’t make recruiters take an interest.

Enthusiasm and warmth are important in inspiring confidence. Companies like to know they are dealing with someone who's aware of the give-and-take aspect of the working world. So let your motivation shine through when you answer interview questions.

Why should we hire you? Sample answer

To help you relieve the pressure, we decided to share some sample answers to the question "why should we hire you?". Perhaps they can even provide some inspiration. 😊

Since we specialize in finance jobs, we’ll use the example a financial analyst for our imagined interview.

Example answer number 1: A clean answer

"I think I'm the ideal candidate for this financial analyst position. Thanks to my four years' experience in financial analysis, I have the necessary skills, particularly in financial modeling, to contribute effectively to your projects and offer informed recommendations. My rigor and attention to detail enable me to bring essential precision to the analysis of financial data.

What motivates me to join your company is your company culture, which I notice is based on integrity and excellence, values that match me perfectly. My experience in a small firm has taught me to be adaptable and versatile and this will enable me to integrate quickly into your dynamic team. I'm convinced that my passion for learning and my alignment with your values will set me apart from other candidates."

Adjust your answer to reflect your own experience and communication style. The key is to highlight your strengths while showing your motivation to join the company and contribute to its success.

Sample answer number 2: Humble reflection

"I'm aware that there's no such thing as a perfect profile, and I don't intend to exaggerate my skills in this respect. However, I can tell you that the skills you need for this position are among my greatest strengths, and that's why I'm so interested in joining your company..." From there, you can emphasize the professional experiences that helped you develop these skills.

Just remember to keep these 3 main points in mind: this question is an opportunity to highlight your qualities and skills, demonstrate your knowledge of the company, and show your level of motivation.

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